Credit and support

diG.shaKe.riSe.andblEEed,myloVe. is created and produced by Eran Tsafrir and meinluftgesheft

ascensIon.  by Eran Tsafrir // site-specific installation at the Old Shoreditch Station Project Space // December 2011 – January 2012:

Collaboration, support and space: Isaac Carlos (Kifa)

Sound design: Leandro Mariano Mera Otero

Moving-image editing: Olivia Vergnon

Architectural consultant: Laura Rigoni

Bespoke lead frames: Drew O’Reilly

Sound Engineer: Leandro Mariano Mera Otero and Marialessia Dell’ Acqua

Art Consultant: Poppy Gordon Lennox

Still documentation (installation): George Eksts, Gavin Brabant, Eran Tsafrir

Still documentation (work-in-progress): Danielle Manson, Eran Tsafrir

Support: Metro Imaging, Artcule

Special thanks: Jeffrey Graham, William Gee, George and Roberto / Fabrica 584, Andrew Richardson, Guy Sela, lasophielle, Tom Alexandron, Michal Fonea Alexandron, Jack Soper, Oliver Bennett, Hannah Bennet, Christie Rowlingson, Daniel Rowlingson, Celine Bensoussan, Raphael Nivet, Lyndsay Findlay, Zac Rechtschaffen, Yael Leshno

viVa.voCe. by Eran Tsafrir // sound installation at the occupied Old Street Magistrates’ Court, London // January 2012:

Sound design: Leandro Mariano Mera Otero

Special thanks: ‘Occupy Justice’ / ‘Occupy London’, Leon, Sigis, Nathan, Edvin, Egla, Bori, Daniel, Naomi.

“Democratic Frustration: Political Activism in an Age of Low Horizons” // panel discussion // (further details will be posted on this website soon):

Chair: Dolan Cummings

Support: Culture Wars

Interviews (recorded / filmed):

Guy Sela, Daisy Jones, Jeffrey Graham, Charlotte Brohier, Catherine Brogan, Kim Taylor Bennett, Ruth Sibbald, Leon Pike, Sigutis Iš Klaipėdos, Nathan, Daniel Gardonyi T., Edvinas Jusys, Borbála Szalai, Eglė Razgutė. Indre Labanauskaite, Francesca Morgante, Anna Canby Monk, Anna Geuder, Karolina Popova

Further credit and support:

IT Consultant: Ami Klein

Trailer: Eran Tsafrir and Olivia Vergnon, a meinluftgesheft production

Writing: Simon Albert, Tamara Towbin, Noa Bahar, Eran Tsafrir


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