diG.shaKe.riSe.andblEEed,myloVe. questions the potency of demonstration, riot, revolt and sacrifice as an instrument for policy change, against the backdrop of the current economic downturn, cuts, job losses, rise in university tuition fees, broken manifesto promises and student protest.

Join the debate – please add your comments below.

To start off…

Simon Jenkins, London’s Broken Windows – a Price Worth Paying:—

Simon Jenkins, The Politics of the Street – Good, Bad and Ugly:—

lasophielle, “Police violence, ‘the other black bloc’, and an appeal for cross-factional solidarity after March 26th”:

lasophielle, “The 26th of March will be like the Iraq march” … some points about possibility and inheriting”:

Democracy Live / Urgent question: Riots / 28 March 2011: / Special Report – Public Sector Cuts:

Reflections of Fidel / The 50th anniversary parade: / The new Egypt: 100 days on:




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