Simon Jenkins, The ethical fluff of St Paul’s and Rowan Williams is a liberal cop-out:

Simon Jenkins, The Politics of the Street – Good, Bad and Ugly:—

Democracy Live / Urgent question: Riots / 28 March 2011:

Simon Jenkins, London’s Broken Windows – a Price Worth Paying:—

The Independent / Class action – The new faces of student protest:

arts against cuts:

UK Uncut website:

Art Uncut website:

Rally Against Debt website:

Defend The Right to Protest – campaign website:

BBC Democracy Live / Policing of NUS protest struck wrong balance:

BBC Democracy Live / Clegg declines to say how he will vote on tuition fees:

BBC Democracy Live / Cable backs Browne review on university funding:

PJ Harvey, Let England Shake:

The Browne Report (an Independent Review of Higher Education & Student Finance in England / Securing a Sustainable Future for Higher Education in England):

The Coalition Agreement:

Liberal Democrat Manifesto 2010: / Anti-cuts march draws hundreds of thousands as police battle rioters: / Why Bono should welcome his Glastonbury reckoning:

Rowan Williams, The government needs to know how afraid people are / New Statesman: / Vince Cable warns unions against widespread strikes: / Anarchists plot to wreck Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding celebration: / Taking a hard line on youth is no triumph / Richard Goodwin / 20.7.2011: / Fortnum & Mason protest: CPS drops charges against 109 UK Uncut activists / Shiv Malik / 18.7.2011: / Charlie Gilmour jailed for student fees demo violence / 15.7.2011: / Student protester jailed for throwing fire extinguisher / 11.1.2011: / CCTV of royal car attack released by Metropolitan Police / 4.1.2011: / Charlie Gilmour, son of Pink Floyd guitarist, jailed for protest violence / Stephen Bates / 15.7.2011: / Kettling video ‘appalling’, police watchdog panel chair says / Shiv Malik / 22.12.2010:

Moos & Anor, R (on the application of) v Police of the Metropolis [2011] EWHC 957 (Admin) (14 April 2011):

Reflections of Fidel / The 50th anniversary parade: / The new Egypt: 100 days on: / Elizabeth Day / The slap that sparked a revolution:


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